Thursday, 21 September 2017

Is Bitcoin a New Gold?

Bitcoin is a digital asset which is currently trading at the price $3847, that is by all means much more high price than gold in the market.

Gold has been traditionally used an asset in India and all over the world has known for its purity and price after the precious stones. Though a few years back the investors were happy to invest in Gold rather than any other commodity. As gold been a safe haven for the investors. Whether the gold is high or low.

Since the cryptocurrency launched in India the Best Bitcoin Rate have become the attraction for the investors and traders in the industry. The rapid price growth in the bitcoin price has shocked the market with joy and enthusiasm in investors making the bitcoin as the best investment vehicle.

With the launch of cryptocurrency in India came the Top Bitcoin Exchange in India such as Bitxoxo, Unoc coin, Coinsecure and zebpay.

The Bitcoin Exchange in India is the easiest online portal to Buy Bitcoin in India and trade. People are looking for the great investment through these websites. As now every common person including young professionals look for cryptocurrencies for the investment in favour of getting high returns in short time.

The profit gained in short time is not available with the gold and its prices are a way to low than bitcoin or any other growing cryptocurrency.

The trading buys and Sell Bitcoin in India is safe and transparent as it runs on blockchain technology which keeps a record of every block (bitcoin) send or received.


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Is Bitcoin a New Gold?