Monday, 21 August 2017

Bitcoin Keep Broking Barriers

     Last week Bitcoin broke the $ 4,000 barrier and now analysts say it's going for $ 4,500 and more. Users of cryptocurrency are not surprised by the rapid escalation of the digital currency. Even many are already saying that it can reach $ 6 000 and up to $ 10,000 to end the years. One of the most important exchange houses in India, Bitxoxo, made an announcement after seeing the remarkable increase that Bitcoin has had in this month and was that they are having more and more people on their platforms, even dared to say that many Are abandoning other Bitcoin exchange in India to start carrying out their operations with them.

     Just a month ago Bitcoin reached $ 3 000 and now in less than a month achieved an increase of almost 30 percent of its value. A figure for many incredible but at the same time satisfactory as for investors who barely spent a few hundred dollars a few years ago buying Bitcoin now would get a good amount of money if they decide to sell their Bitcoins. In some countries where the Bitcoin did not give signs of life have been studying and closely following the steps of the digital currency. For example; In Russia, consideration is being given to the use of Bitcoin in its territories since there have been a lot of movements and operations in recent months.

    India has also been happy with Bitcoin operations and several exchange houses have been placed in the top Bitcoin exchange in India as Bitxoxo which is being recognized by almost the whole country providing benefits that other Bitcoin exchange does not. Millions of people sell Bitcoin in India and even do so to other countries as some bureaux de change allow it and that way their operations expand around the world without the need for governmental or banking authorizations.

     The digital currency is accomplishing many things and for the next months and years it is possible that it reaches its greatest goal, to become the first digital currency in the world being recognized and legalized in most countries. However, it is not possible to know if this is true or is only a fantasy as some analysts define the digital coins as something temporary.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Projection of Bitcoin by the end of 2017

Bitcoin has demonstrated its strength in this last month, after a small downturn in early and mid-July. Since its price reached the 4,000 dollars per unit of Bitcoin, it has not returned to lower to the 3,000 dollars; however, it would not be surprising if this happens as well as when it was about to reach $ 3,000 in June but then fell to $ 2,500. The future projection of this currency has very high expectations, which have great possibilities to materialize, due to the boom that is taking the new criptocoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was created so that a greater part of society can access To the investment of the BTC's, since, not only the entrepreneurs have put in place an investment plan with Bitcoin, but also the people of the middle class, since they have seen the opportunity with the prices of the BCH, that is situated around the 300 dollars.

While Bitcoin Cash is maintained as a springboard and BTC support, this criptocoin will increase its monetary value more and more. Those who think that Bitcoin has touched the ceiling are likely to be wrong, since the projection is estimated to grow at around $ 6,000 by the end of the year, although this will depend on a very important factor. Of the world's governments, since it is expected that by the end of this year other governments like India will be annexed to the list of countries that have bitcoins regulation and management measures.

There are still many people who are unaware of Bitcoin's existence, but Internet businesses are becoming more frequent and more profitable than traditional jobs. There the users realize the methods of payment and collection by the cybernetic route, among which are Paypal, credit card and criptocoins.

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Venezuelan miners continue working hard.

It is widely known that there is a tyranny ruling over Venezuela. The economic crisis has affected so deeply Venezuelans that they have started to see Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies as a way to improve their incomes. The salary in Venezuela does not cover even the basic alimentary resources. Then Venezuelans are looking for these kind of digital sources. However, the government has put in jail some cryptominers and has considered Bitcoin as a threat. Many Venezuelans have not stopped mining. They have stood strong in front of the tyranny. Buy and sell Bitcoins in Venezuela could be a trouble due to the absence of dollars in the country where just one dollar could value around 17.000 Bolivars. One dollar is more than a salary day in the South American country. 

Therefore, people from other countries do not have any excuse about mining legally. If you don’t start mining in your area where nobody is watching you and Bitcoin mining is not prohibited, you are really losing your time. In contrast, if you’re a Bitcoiner and you sometimes want to give up, then just remember how Venezuelans are dealing with the situation. For example, if you live in India where the internet connection is not as bad as it is Venezuela and there are just rumours about what is going to happen with digital currencies, this is your moment to buy and sell Bitcoins in India. Do not wait until it could be banned or made illegal in your area. At least in India you can enjoy the best Bitcoin exchange companies that assure your investment, while in Venezuela there are not exchange companies and miners are obliged to look for people on the web that buys their Bitcoins earned. 

In short, what could happen next in Venezuela is that the cryptocurrencies fame will be more famous. People from that country always look for solutions and manners to evolve in spite of the hard government they are trying to escape of. In other countries miners should feel encouraged by the Venezuelans that continue keeping Bitcoin and Ethereum as their first hopes.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A new cryptocurrency exchange starts in the Indian market. 

It was recently announced that a new Bitcoin exchange will enter the world of Indian companies. Bitbay will represent a new option for Hindu people who trade with Bitcoins. The company comes from Poland and had informed that their aims are both to start functioning by the last days of August and become the main international Bitcoin exchange in the Asian country. It means that it will be a new competition for companies at the top of bitcoin exchange in India like Bitxoxo, Unocoin and Zepbay. Bitcoin exchange in India will acquire a more international connotation with this new company. 

Moreover, the Polish company announced that they want to train the Hindu population about its trading. Bitbay will launch a demo of their trade mode that will show how their operations will work. It will be made public next August 24th. The demo has also the purpose of letting common people that has not probably buy and sell Bitcoins how to become real bitcoiners. Bitbay wants Hindu people to be confident when exchanging. Also, the company has said that they will active the trading for cryptocurrencies like Ethereumm, gamecredits, lisk, moneto and others. It is the first company in India that offers trading with those cryptocurrencies. 

Bitbay has let known through his Sylewestor Suszek, who is the Chief executive officer of the company that they want to stop ignorance about cryptocurrencies in general. It is known that despite the popularity of Bitcoin in the world, Hindu people has not been really taught about what Bitcoin really is. Most of them are still confused. Furthermore, Suszek has stated that the company is composed of accurate professionals of the industry that are really specialized. The company wants to encourage all the Hindu population to grow the facilities of digital currencies. 

Another important fact about this new company is that it does not fear the possible regulatory issues of the Indian government respecting to digital currencies. Bitbay has published that they are the leaders of bitcoin exchange in Eastern Europe and their heads saw really good potential in the Asian country. This is definitely a new challenge for the traditional Bitcoins exchange in India.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bitcoin had a son, and has grown a lot in two weeks

4,000 dollars for a Bitcoin, yes, that's what everyone has talked about since this coin reached that number of money for a unit. Some wonder why this has happened, what caused Bitcoin to reach such a point that it seems a lie; but all that you have seen has not been an illusion, is purely real, and has its reasons for it to have aroused.

A few weeks ago, a new currency began to circulate in the world of finance, a currency with greater accessibility for a greater number of people worldwide, where the middle class could more easily acquire this criptocoin, due to the higher price Cheap of this. This coin is the daughter or the economic version of Bitcoin, called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This new currency arose because of the biggest inconvenience of a currency of such value, yes, its gift can become a curse, we talk about its price, which is so great that very few people can really invest and with concrete results. Despite having started only two weeks ago, BCH has grown considerably, as we explain the process for this to help Bitcoin: While buying larger Bitcoin Cash units, Bitcoin's reserves increase, which causes the currency not to Just grab more popularity, but increase your demand in the market

A Bitcoin Cash to date is positioned at approximately 300 dollars, and several brands of wallets have shown their support; however, the new currency has also had some problems, due to its mining process, as it is currently working at 13% of Bitcoin's difficulty.

Breadwallet yesterday launched its new portfolio for bitcoins, and not just with this brand, others like Rocketr and Living Room of Satoshi also announced that its support for Bitcoin Cash.

Another chain that will join this new phenomenon is Bitgo which assured that it will design a mechanism of separation between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in a single portfolio.

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